Electric Storage water heater Vertical

86VP6S 25
86VP10S 42
86H-55 55
86VP15S 57
86VP20S 76
86VP30S 114
82V40-2 152
82V66-2 252
82V80-2 304


  • Exclusive Rheemglass enamel tank protection against corrosion by coating the inner tank with an exclusive Rheemglass and fused with solid steel at 870℃. The result is a smooth, tough glass-like lining that effectively resists the corrosive attack of hot water chemicals and ensures a longer life span on Rheem heaters. Tank is designed and tested to withstand 2000kPa hydrostatic test pressure for pressure of 1000kPa.
  • UL approved combined temparature and pressure releif (TPR) safety valve provides protection against accessive water pressure (Pre-set at 0.95Mpa). The TRP allows tank to be manually drained off to facilitate servicing.
  • Adjustable thermostat with over temparature protection is a safety device that automatically and safely cut off the power in the event the preset temparature is exceeded, thus prevents scalding by hot water. Thermostat conserves electricity by cutting-off power supply to the heater once it has reached the preset temparature.
  • Incology sheathered immersion heating element promotes longer, more efficient performance. Efficient heat tranferring design reduces sediments built-up in tank.
  • Anode rod protects the inner tank from corrosion by equalizing agressive water reaction. Thus extending the lifespan of Rheem heaters.


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