DL Series


The Toyo DL series submersible is a true slurry pump design, developed in the mining and dredging industries for pumping rocks and gravel. It features high chrome wear components which provide excellent wear life and boast large internal clearances for the easy passage of high concentrations of solids. Some DL models can also be equipped with agitator and chopper packages. Every DL features a built in cooling jacket to allow for full cooling while the pump is primed, even if the motor is fully exposed to air. The DL series also has the ability to operate completely dry continuously without overheating and is equipped with built in thermal protections. The larger model DLs are also equipped with moisture sensors for added protection. DL pumps are capable of pumping up to 20% solids by weight.
For all your portable pumping needs, from plant drainage to contractor dewatering, the DL-1 is a workhorse in a small package. The Toyo patented agitator assists in suspending solids so
they can be pumped and eliminates pump clogging. The DL-1 also features oil lubricated
Silicon Carbide mechanical seals, cast iron housing, high chrome cast impeller, high
chromecast  agitator, and a steel strainer.

Flow1.1m³/min - 7.9m³/min
HeadUp to 34m
Power0.75Hp - 100Hp
Single Phase115V - 110/220V
Three Phase230/380/460/575V
Pumped SubstanceUp to 20% Solid
Speed1800rpm - 3600rpm
Insulation ClassE,B & F

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