About Us

Waters; a division of Radiantheat group; has been setup to offer comprehensive solutions for water based requirements including

  • Sea water desalination
  • Water distribution and storage
  • Swimming pool equipment and installation
  • Water heating
  • Filtrations and treatments
  • Sewage management

Although established on the 1st of June 2008, Waters have already managed to capture the imagination of our customers and attained brand loyalty in the market through exceptional sales and after sales delivery since 2004. We commit fully to delivering solutions to the satisfaction of our customers and maintain that commitment by providing professional and a fully integrated customer service both to the resort market and our valued customers in other islands of the country.

We provide round-the-clock sales and after sales service and take pride in responding to every request of our customers diligently and quickly and look forward to improving on our established tradition of delivering innovative and environmentally sustainable methods in water technologies for a better quality of life.

Here at Waters, we also supply a broad range of trusted and reliable machinery and accessories; all from renowned brands, related to SWRO, Diesel engines, Generators and its spare parts designed to offer total solutions to our clients.

For the solution for all your water-related needs, contact the team with demonstrated reliability backed with experience and commitment to be of service.

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Giving you the purest droplets of life